Re-Roofing Services

As a property owner, it’s likely you keep your building well maintained and cared for, especially your roof. Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean and maintain the roof, the materials will eventually begin to show wear and tear over time. In order to stop roof leaks, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of your building we can provide a solution that gives you long-term and weather-tight protection. With Baker Steel Erectors you can feel confident in updating your roof system with designs that meet the highest industry standards for quality and performance.

Retrofit Roof vs. Re-Roof Installation

If your roof is ready to be replaced, you should take a little time to consider your options. It’s not always necessary to remove your roofing materials and replace with a completely new roof. Our retrofit process can cut down on time and expenses by placing new metal panels on top of the old ones. We securely place new panels over your current roof to create a layered effect. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to add overall value to your roof by renewing its strength and durability.

Retrofit roofs are less expensive than new roof installation because it can be done quickly, and there’s no cost for hauling away the debris since we aren’t pulling off the old metal roof panels. If a retrofit roof isn’t suitable for your building we can confidently handle the re-roof of your metal building. We offer a selection of panel options and architecturally attractive colors that are sure to make your building look great and add curb appeal. Both the retrofit and re-roof options provide a 25-year finish warranty that provides protection from fading, chipping and chalking, and a 20-year weather-tight warranty.

We are an experienced company and we’re experts in many types of roofing construction for your commercial metal building properties. If you need a roof replacement, we can tear off the existing roofing materials or retrofit over the current roof to restore your roof to a durable cover once again. We offer free roof inspections to see if your current roof needs replacement or repairs and whether it’s a candidate for Retro-fit or a Re-Roof. We can even provide regular roof maintenance too for the longevity of your new roof.

Built Up Slope Roof Systems

A third option we provide is to do a built up slope roof system. This is an ideal option when a project requires better roof drainage to prevent water from standing on the roof surface. It also helps to dampen roof noise and vibrations and control condensation in the roof by adding insulation, improving energy-efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. This option can also be done over the current structure and won’t interrupt business operations.

The roofing experts at Baker Builders are here to help with deciding whether a retrofit roof, re-roof, or built up slope roof is best for your building. We can provide a solution that will give you long-term, weather-tight protection. Contact us today for a roof inspection and see why we’re different.

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We offer a one-year warranty. We trust our trade partners to do the highest-quality of work on every project and will stand by that workmanship. If anything goes wrong during the warranty period our clients know that all they have to do is make one phone call and we will take care of the issue immediately.