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Tenant finish projects are also known as remodeling projects. In the case of restaurants, these projects involve reconfiguring commercial structures to make them fit your needs and uses.

Tenant finish projects occur because the building is being set up for a new purpose. There are certain features you may want to consider remodeling to increase revenue and attract more customers. The end goal of remodeling is to attract customers and increase your profits, but there are other benefits of remodeling as well:

Benefits of Remodeling

New restaurant design can make your restaurant feel new and fresh. Updated interior design in a remodel can make customers want to return because they like the ambiance of your space.

In addition to luring in more customers, a remodel can increase the energy efficiency of your business, saving you money in operational expenses. Many modern appliances are more energy-efficient than their older counterparts and can help you save money in the long run.  Another change that could be beneficial is the layout of the kitchen. This can help with more efficient food prep, delivery, and much more. We know time is money and that is certainly true within the foodservice industry.

What Should Be Remodeled in a Restaurant?

Review different restaurant design trends and consider options you think your customers will like. Research the types of restaurant renovations your competitors are making and decide how you can serve customers even better.

For a boost in business, renovate lighting, flooring, bathrooms, furnishings, and color palettes. Switching from carpet to wood floors reduces the number of replacements needed overall.

If you're thinking about doing ground-up construction, pre-engineered steel buildings are an excellent option for restaurants. Metal buildings don’t require as much maintenance, and the project can be completed more quickly. You’ll save money overall by opting for metal construction.

What to Expect From Remodeling

Begin your remodel with a focused plan to remain within budget for the project. Select an experienced company such as Baker Builders with a history of satisfied customers and proven excellent results. You want a highly devoted team with a detailed understanding of each step of the process. You'll also want to review examples of the remodeler’s craftsmanship. Superior construction results in beautiful craftsmanship.

Also make sure you select a construction company that is familiar with all the aspects of restaurant construction, including zoning laws. Commercial construction may be subject to additional requirements mentioned in the “change of use” zoning code or the “change of occupancy” building code.

Get with our specialists and we’ll work within your budget to remodel your restaurant or any other tenant finish project. We can help with any of your remodeling and construction needs.

Choose our construction services to elevate your restaurant space to the next level. We recognize that every restaurant owner has different needs, and we’re happy to tailor our services to your business.

Baker Builders will assist with every aspect of restaurant renovation or any other commercial remodeling project, from analyzing logistics to determining finishing’s. Contact us today for an estimate!

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