Metal Buildings Denver

For anyone that may be unfamiliar with pre-engineered metal buildings, they are steel structures that are delivered to a building site in pre-fabricated parts or segments. Metal building suppliers such as ourselves make sure that all of the necessary materials reach the building site, so that the building can be quickly built according to a pre-designed plan. 

Once the pre-engineered materials are onsite and the steel building erectors are ready, the building is meticulously constructed. A steel erector is a name given to construction personnel or a contracting company that is responsible for piecing the metal building together. 

Baker Builders Services Overview 

Headquartered in Colorado, Baker Builders offers a broad range of services related to metal buildings. We offer pre-engineered metal building as well as building erector services. We can supply the metal building and erect services for projects such as agricultural buildings, warehousing buildings, manufacturing buildings, retail and office buildings, or even custom buildings. Our company has years of experience and is acknowledged throughout the state as a leader in metal building construction. Each building is constructed according to the client's budget, timeline, and standards. We strive to never miss a deadline, and always deliver the very best quality work. 

Agricultural Construction 

One of the primary building specialties that Baker Builders is most well-known for constructing is metal buildings that serve the agricultural industry. We provide buildings that include slide doors, bi-fold doors, storage for grain and other commodities and much more. Whether it is a barn, riding arena, produce storage, farming machinery storage or any other need for agricultural Baker Builders can help provide the best pre-engineered metal building to meet your needs.

Our staff is not only able to provide the materials and labor needed to get the job done, but we can also provide the client with the building design. We are extremely familiar with the demands that the agricultural industry has for its buildings. Our buildings will keep your livestock, horses, produce, and machinery safe for years to come. 

Warehouse Construction 

The sole purpose of a warehouse is to safely and securely store goods. The metal warehouses we can provide with a Varco Pruden pre-engineered metal building are built in strict accordance with all of the state's warehousing rules and regulations. Our top-notch materials and construction quality will ensure that your warehouse keeps all of the stored goods totally protected and safe. 

We are also familiar with the sizes and specifications needed for most types of warehouse construction, taking a lot of the guesswork away from our process. We even build huge warehouses, commonly referred to as "super warehouses" for corporate or government warehousing needs. These buildings can even include features like standing seam roofs and prismatic skylights.

Manufacturing Construction 

The manufacturing industry is one of the most prolific users of pre-engineered metal buildings. Metal buildings can be built to any size, they're largely fire-resistant, and are not nearly as expensive to create as buildings constructed out of concrete, brick, or wood. We have worked with the manufacturing industry to provide some of the state's highest quality pre-engineered metal manufacturing buildings around. 

Our expert staff is well versed in the intricate state laws involved with building a manufacturing complex. We also offer customizable building plans that allow our clients to decide exactly how they want the finished building to be. Our buildings can incorporate cranes, suspended leads, pipe racks, conveyors, catwalks and anything else that may be necessary for your manufacturing facility.

Retail Construction 

A growing number of large and small retail businesses within Colorado state are turning to pre-engineered metal buildings to base their headquarters out of. At the end of the day, a retail business is all about profit, and there is no better way to be smart with your money than to invest in a metal retail building structure. 

Pre-engineered metal buildings are up to 40 percent cheaper to construct than buildings constructed with more traditional materials. Our metal retail buildings are also built to last and perfectly suited to Colorado's diverse climate, particularly during cold winters. We can build fully insulated retail buildings with architectural features and clearspan that won't have you freezing during the winter months.

Office Construction 

Age-old office buildings used to be primarily built out of brick or concrete. While brick and concrete buildings are durable, they are also extremely expensive to construct. Thankfully, a much cheaper and equally durable option exists, which is pre-engineered metal office buildings. 

We build office buildings all over Colorado, and our customers are highly thrilled about the quality of the buildings along with the money that they save constructing it. We know exactly what sort of amenities office buildings need, and we’re able to construct buildings in accordance with industry standard norms. Whether it’s a single-story office or multi-level building, or even a building with a mezzanine and partition walls, we’ve got what it takes to help you get the ball rolling. 

satisfaction guaranteed

We offer a one-year warranty. We trust our trade partners to do the highest-quality of work on every project and will stand by that workmanship. If anything goes wrong during the warranty period our clients know that all they have to do is make one phone call and we will take care of the issue immediately.