Commercial Metal Buildings

The need for more space seems to be a problem encountered by everyone. Whether the need is for a business, a farm, or simply a desire to create a place for a shop or garage at home, most people will eventually need to find a way to put a few more square feet under their respective roofs.

There are many different solutions to this need, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Most customers want a solution that meets their needs as quickly as possible. This is because such projects often come about very quickly, such as when a business experiences a sudden surge in orders or when an organization takes on a new mission that requires additional staff, storage, equipment, or work areas.

In those situations, time is of the essence. The days and weeks involved in constructing a building can add up to an impractical amount if the project involves a wood-frame or masonry structure. These delays can result in missed opportunities in the form of lost contracts or missed deadlines. When time is short, the best option by far is to have a commercial pre-engineered metal building constructed.

These durable structures can meet a variety of needs at an affordable cost, creating the extra room needed without breaking the bank. At the same time, the project will move quicker than any other type of construction, keeping other considerations on schedule and on budget.

Our pre-engineered commercial metal buildings provide many advantages to their owners. This guide will help shed some light on what makes our commercial pre-engineered metal buildings an excellent choice for any building project.

Uses for Commercial Metal Buildings

Certain types of structures are only suitable for certain uses. The construction of wooden or masonry buildings puts limits on how they can be used, making it difficult and frustrating to complete the design and planning process.

Metal buildings have no such limitations. They can go any direction the customer wants, accommodating whatever needs may have led to the need to build in the first place. Our commercial metal buildings have clear-span interiors with no structural support getting in the

way of an open, functional floor. This gives complete freedom to lay out the building in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Eave heights are up to the customer as well, permitting contents and equipment of virtually any size to fit safely inside. Access can come via roll-up doors of many sizes in any location, as well as through walk-in doors. Windows and insulation can also be incorporated as the customer wishes. Other building features include hangar doors, bi-fold doors, monorail and bridge cranes, architectural features, insulated panels, stucco/EIFS, tilt ups and masonry veneer.

What Are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

A construction process always starts with a design. This involves the work of engineers and architects, who must calculate the required strength and dimensions of each structural component, plan for how assembly will be done, and compensate for climatic and environmental conditions to keep the building safe and durable.

For most buildings, this means a long and expensive planning process with architects and engineers, leading to weeks or months of design, followed by submission of the final results for local government review.

Any problems can push the project back to the design process. The worst part is that many such projects are identical, so the design is basically a reinvention of the wheel followed by a redundant approval process that adds weeks to your planning horizon.

Pre-engineered metal buildings follow similar design requirements that we at Baker Builders, along with Varco Pruden, utilize proprietary software that incorporates these all at once to reduce time frames based on the geographic location where they will be constructed. This allows the design to account for state and local building codes, as well as to withstand local conditions like wind, snow load, and seismic activities.

Why Pre-Engineering Matters

A building project encounters many delays. These can't always be controlled, but one area where many weeks can be saved is the engineering process. Pre-engineered metal buildings are ready for installation as soon as they are fabricated. There is no delay in having a usable design created from square one. Instead, the building arrives with approvals already in hand and ready to go up, faster than any other type of building.

This doesn't mean the building is a cookie-cutter project, however. Each of our metal buildings are built according to customer specifications, with a wide variety of sizes, door and window configurations, eave heights, and roof pitches available to suit the customer's needs. All of these.

features are made to order, while still complying with local codes and a common sense understanding of unique local conditions.

The need for additional space often comes up very suddenly, meaning that the business or organization must move very quickly to take advantage of opportunities to grow. This process can be brought to a grinding halt by the delays associated with the design, approval, and construction of standard wood-frame and masonry structures.

Our commercial metal buildings provide a better option that will result in successful and rapid completion of the expansion process. We've already taken care of the engineering and architecture, allowing our customers to specify the features they need and then to quickly get a building that satisfies even the most stringent requirements. The resulting project finishes faster, lasts longer, and does more than any other construction option.

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