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  • Waco, TX Buildings

    Posted on November 07 2019

    We recently completed an erect project down in Waco, TX. This project consisted of two building additions on an existing manufacturing facility. Building A was nearly 170,000 sq ft and Building B was 124,000 sq ft. All the work had to be completed without interruption of the daily process requirements of the existing facility. Take a look at the progress throughout the process for Building A and Building B. This project is a great example of what Baker Steel Erectors does best!

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  • Homestead, Florida Warehouse

    Posted on August 16 2019

    This 105,000 square foot concrete tilt-wall warehouse is in Homestead, Florida. It consists of four crane aisles, three mechanical rooms, and stout angle braces to accomodate the hurricane region load requirements. It also included prismatic skylights on the roof and interior PEMB frmes: the new Structural Standing Seam Roof (SSR). The successful partnership we had with both Lemartec and Varco Pruden helped move this project along successfully. 

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  • Processing Facility

    Posted on August 16 2019

    The processing facility is a 125' x 300' gable building with a 4:12 roof pitch. Thanks to VP’s Fast Track program we were able to get materials on-site quickly and complete this building in time for the scheduled install of the company’s equipment. 

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  • Wingland Building in Frederick, CO

    Posted on August 16 2019

    The Wingland building in Frederick, CO is 70' x 140' with a 22' low eave height. It has a 2:12 pitch with 3 cupolas, two overhead doors and one storefront entrance. We have some amazing photos of this project progress and we're happy to showcase it all here. 

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  • Oregon Tennis Building

    Posted on September 17 2018

    Here are pictures of a 30,000 sq. ft. building in Oregon that will serve as an indoor tennis court. Building has a standing seam roof and panel rib walls. The building has some nice sized canopies attached, as well as a 3,000 SF mezzanine area.

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  • Wind Farm Building

    Posted on August 28 2018

    ***Update*** We just wrapped up this 5,000 SF building in South Dakota, this building was erected in just under 10 days with zero safety violations from the 3rd party safety company. The client needed this building fast tracked and knew that we were the correct company for the job.

    Original Post: Here are some progress photos of a small 5,000 SF building we are doing for a great client up in SD. They were thrust into this job at the last minute and called us in to help them out. This building is a very simple building with Panel Rib walls and Roof, a small mezzanine and one partition wall. We are shooting for a 2.5 week duration on this project.

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  • Trucking Facility

    Posted on May 10 2018

    Update: the tenant finish has been completed on the office space. Take a look at the progress throughout this project, as well as the completed building photos!

    We are currently working on a 30,000 SF trucking facility with fueling station. The masonry is going in for the 5,000 SF mezzanine and then they will start with the exterior block. Take a look at the progress on this project.

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  • Metal Building in Frederick, Colorado

    Posted on May 02 2018

    Original post: May 2, 2018 - We broke ground on this 8,000 SF building for an investor roughly 5 weeks ago and now we are have started sheeting. All underground utilities are in and ready for the TI work to begin. With a tenant already under contract we should be able to start the tenant finish portion of this building relatively quickly after finalizing the design and getting client approval.

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  • Gas Compressor Facility

    Posted on April 05 2018

    Here are some pictures of a gas compressor facility we are installing for a client in Colorado. The building is 6,500 SF.

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  • Castle Rock Fire Station

    Posted on February 20 2018

    We were awarded the supply and erect on the Castle Rock Fire Station #152 for a General Contractor in Castle Rock, CO. The station is a Varco Pruden building that is just over 13,000 SF and has some great architectural features like the observation tower. Here is a photo of the rendering and updated photos of the building progress.

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